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Actinolysate is administered at a dose of three milliliters intramuscularly three times a week. The course of treatment may consist of ten, twenty or twenty-five injections. If necessary, repeated courses are held at intervals of one month. Actinolysate can be used in all forms of actinomycosis from mild to severe. Auxiliary drugs include prescribed vitamin preparations, iodine preparations (potassium iodide up to three grams per day), detoxification solutions, and topical treatment.

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Iodine preparations are used as a supplement to etiotropic therapy and are used to reduce the time of softening and resorption of actinomycosis infiltrates. Suprastin, Tavegil, Diazolin, Cetrin, and other antihistamines are prescribed as desensitizing therapy. Learn More

To stimulate the immune response, we can recommend a forgotten remedy - autohemotherapy. It is carried out once a week with a course of three to four procedures. In addition to hemotherapy, injection of Aloe extract can be recommended. For local treatment, antiseptic preparations are used to wash the fistulous passages, as well as ointments containing antibiotics and an antifungal component.